Roadshow Netherlands Horticulture Cluster to Yancheng

Roadshow Netherlands Horticulture Cluster to Yancheng

Yancheng is a major agricultural city, with 0.64% of the country's arable land producing 1.2% of the country's grain, 1% of meat, 3% of eggs, 2.1% of vegetables and 1.9% of aquatic products. It is an important supply base of high-quality agricultural products.
To build Yancheng into a stronger agricultural city, the measure is to promote agriculture to modern agriculture by improving the industrial chain and the value chain. The goal is to achieve large-scale and industrialized development of agriculture.

Based on the current plans by Holland Flower Park in Dafеng, Binhai County Agricultural Industrial Park and Taiwan Farmers Pioneer Park in Yandu District, Yancheng government aims to build a modern flower and vegetable cluster by introducing and developing technology, expanding planting scale, increasing planting varieties, and upgrading planting technology.

Target group
Due to the COVID-19 situation, international travel from abroad to China is subject to restrictions. The target group for this event consists out of China based subsidiary companies and representatives of Dutch companies active in the supply chain of facility agriculture and horticulture industry, from the greenhouse designing, construction, operation, the equipment/system suppliers, as well as agriculture businesses related institutions, including but not limited to seeds, substrates suppliers, and growers.

Main goals
Main goals are:
• To promote the concept of Dutch greenhouse construction and to show the technologies of
Dutch greenhouse construction to the Chinese authorities and counterparts.
• To create business opportunities for the participating Dutch companies.
• To exchange of knowledge between relevant Chinese and Dutch experts.

Date 24 March 25 March
Time Entire day Morning Afternoon
• Arrival Dutch companies in Dafeng
• Field visits
• Netherlands - Yancheng Facility Agriculture Exchange
• Parallel sessions: - Greenhouse design and construct
Equipment and technologies - Growers Consultatively meeting with local agricultural authorities from county, district and municipal levels Welcome banquet dinner
50th diplomatic relationship celebration End of the program

26 March
Morning Afternoon


Transportation to and from Yacheng (Dafeng) and costs of accommodation will be covered by the participating enterprises.

Interested or questions?
If you are interested in participating, or would like to receive more details, please do not hesitate to contact us through

Deadline for registration: 4 March 2022