Hoogendoorn Asia: growing together by sharing the Chinese ‘pie’

Benjamin Devillard, General Manager Hoogendoorn Asia

The horticultural sector in China is on the rise; the country is increasingly focusing on its own food supply. This brings with it the necessary challenges, among others in the field of energy and water consumption, labor, and knowledge. Hoogendoorn Asia tries to support Chinese market gardeners in various areas, together with a partner such as DGD. “Sustainability also means entering into partnerships with parties who have the same values and are pursuing the same dream.”

In China, there is a growing demand for fresh, high-quality and safe food. According to Benjamin Devillard, this has everything to do with the growing middle class in China. “This group of Chinese wants a good quality of life and can also afford things. Consumers then logically also make higher demands on their food,” says the General Manager of Hoogendoorn Asia. Originally an IT engineer, he has worked in numerous industrial sectors for more than fifteen years.

Devillard also emphasizes that the Chinese government considers it crucial to ensure food security and become more self-sufficient in terms of food needs. “This is in fact necessary to ensure social stability in the country. And the covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine have reinforced the need to become self-sufficient.”
The General Manager sees an increasing focus on indoor farming in China. “Land is scarce in China and with indoor farming, it can be used optimally. And the war in Ukraine, among other things, makes it clear that in order to maintain the food supply in China, more will have to be done on indoor farming.

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